Week #4

Week 4, Feb. 3 – Feb. 7


Hi All,

I want to say how impressed I’ve been with the quality of the work so far. One little thing: when you email assignments to me, please send them as Word or Google docs. I’m trying to grade everything electronically, and I can’t make electronic margin notes on PDF’s. (This will also save you from having to decipher my handwriting!). Thank you.

This week:

  1. Just a reminder: Memoir Essays are due on Monday, Feb. 3 by 5:00. I will be posting these on the “Workshops” page as soon as I receive them along with the reading assignments. (This will make more sense soon).
  2. Read carefully the process outlined under “Workshops.” I will be posting your peer review assignments right next to the essay posts on that page. Your Peer Reviews should be posted to Slack by Feb. 11.
  3. Read Legler’s “”Moments of Being: An Antarctic Quintet,” pp. 283-291
  4. Response #3 –  Due Feb. 4
  5. Read Chapter 4
  6. Exercise #3 – Due Feb. 6  


Weekly Agenda

Week 3, January 27-January 31

Hi All – sorry I had a little tech issue this week. Looks like everything’s back in working order. This week is a little lighter to allow you time to focus on the memoir essay.

Thanks for your patience.

  • Read Chapter 3 and Tony Earley’s “Somehow Form a Family” (p. 199)
  • Reading Response #2 — Please read prompt under “Reading Response #2’ (found in the menu under “Assignments’ and “Reading Responses’). Just as a reminder, to post your response, simply click on “comments’ toward the top of the page. Due Tuesday, Jan. 28, by 5:00 PM
  • Memoir Essay  —  Due Monday, Feb. 3 by 5:00 PM by email.  

Week 2, January 20-24

Hey Everyone – The course schedule is now up, and you can find it under Resources, or at this link: schedule.

Here are the assignments for week 2:

  • Read Chapter 2 in  Writing True
  • Read Alice Walker’s “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self.” (Page 169,  Writing True).
  • Reading Response #1 – Please read prompt under “Reading Response #1” (found in the menu under “Assignments” and “Reading Responses”). To post your response, simply click on “comments” at the bottom of the page. Due Tuesday, Jan. 21 by 5:00 PM
  • Exercise #2 – You will find this under “Creative Nonfiction Exercises,” also under the “Assignments” menu. Due Thursday, Jan. 23 by 5:00 PM by email.
  • I’ve posted a short piece about journaling here:   Please feel free to read and comment. This is a re-post from a prior blog I wrote a couple years ago, but pertinent to your Chapter 2 reading, I think.
  • Finally, it’s worth reviewing the Memoir Assignment. Hopefully this week’s exercise will get you started on it. Keep this in mind as you begin Exercise #2.Thanks for all your work in the class so far!

Week 1 – January 13-17

  • By the end of the day Tuesday, please make sure you’ve reviewed the syllabus and schedule, skimmed through this website, and logged in to Slack at: intermediatecame2714.slack.com

Important: If you have not received an invitation to Slack, please email me immediately at dlfarmer@alaska.edu


  • Introduction: Once on Slack you’ll see the channel “Introductions” on the left.   Please introduce yourself by telling us a little about you – where you’re from, why you took the class. What’s important to you? What do you like to read? What are some of your hobbies or interests? Anything you’d like us to know about you. You’ll see my introduction there already. Shoot for 300-500 words.   Due Wednesday, 1/16 by 5:00 PM.
  • Read Chapter 1 in  Writing True
  • Exercise 1 (link here)  – Choose either #1 (Writing Your Name) or #3 (Writing about Place). Due Friday, January 17, by 5:00 PM. (Generally, assignments will be due on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m extending this to Friday just because we’re already one day into this week).  This assignment should be emailed to me at dlfarmer@alaska.edu.
  • NOTE: Essay #1 – Memoir Assignment has been posted here:  https://engl377.community.uaf.edu/memoir-assignment/

As you  complete the exercises, think how you might incorporate them into this  assignment #1.