Week #11 – March 30-April 3

This week’s agenda:

  1. Response #7 – Due on March 31
  2. Exercise #7 – Also due on April 2
  3. Read Chapter 8 in Writing True.  This chapter is about new media. Look for a related blog post about this later this week.
  4. And, looking ahead, here’s the assignment for Essay #4, due on April 16.

Please note, I’ll try to to schedule essay #3 Slack workshops for April 9. I plan to post these essays and peer review assignments later this week. I think it’s important for you to have readers for theses essays, and as many of them will deal with COVID-19, they’ll be of interest, cathartic even, for you. My new policy of flexible due dates, however, means that I’ve not yet received all of the essays. Bear with me as I determine the best way to schedule this

Thank you!

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