Week #8 – March 2-6

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know, I’ll be traveling to San Antonio this week for the annual AWP Conference. AWP stands for Associated Writing Programs, and this is an annual conference that brings together writers, teachers and professors of writing, publishers, and other industry people. It’s four very full days. As we head into spring break, my main goal will be to catch up on all grading. Thanks for bearing with me.

I also want to make sure you know about our English Department contests. These contests come with money prizes: $100 and $150 respectively. There’s so much great writing coming out of this class – I’m convinced one of you will win. And who among us couldn’t use 100 or 150 dollars? So, please consider entering. I’ve posted the info sheets for the two contests related to nonfiction below, but there are other contests for fiction, and scholarly writing. Deadline: March 8. Find more info here:   UAF English department contests

Download (PDF, 1.72MB)

On to the agenda for this week:

  1. Response 6 and Exercise  6 are combined this week.  Due by Thursday, March 5 by 5:00 PM.
  2. Check out Essay #3 if you haven’t already. (I’m not expecting you to do work over spring break, but it could be that that something you do over the break might be appropriate for the essay – so keep that in mind)
  3. Slack posts for all Essay #2 peer responses should be posted by, Friday, March 6, by 5:00 PM. Please keep in mind that this means you’ll be reading and responding to three of your classmate’s essays by then. It might be wise to spread them out and not try to read them all too close to that deadline.

I’ll be posting the next agenda by Sunday, March 15.

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