ESSAY #3 – Observation and Reporting

DUE Thursday, March 26:

Updated Alternative: If you were able to complete this assignment, great. But clearly, the present is not a good time to attend an event. As it is important for writers to chronicle the time they are living in, you can alternatively write about your own personal experiences with the coronavirus, how it has disrupted your life, what you see around you, what it means for grocery shelves to suddenly be empty of certain items, what it says about the culture and time we are living in. Try to avoid editorializing, and instead focus on the specifics of how it has affected you or people you know.

Literary Journalism is a form of creative nonfiction that includes  the reporting aspects of  journalism along with elements of the personal or lyrical essay. For this assignment, rather than focus on memory, or descriptions of place, write about an event that is happening right in front of you. Or, it could even be an event you are participating in. This could be anything, but I think it works best if you attend an event of some kind that is outside your own comfort zone. Then simply observe and report. But it’s okay (awesome, even) to work in your own memories, thoughts, etc. Fairs, art shows, concerts, sporting events, dances, etc. are all possibilities. Check Latitude 65   (if in Fairbanks) for even more ideas.


This essay should be:

  • roughly 5-6  pages
  • double spaced
  • Size 12 or 14, Times New Roman


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