Week #4

Week 4, Feb. 3 – Feb. 7


Hi All,

I want to say how impressed I’ve been with the quality of the work so far. One little thing: when you email assignments to me, please send them as Word or Google docs. I’m trying to grade everything electronically, and I can’t make electronic margin notes on PDF’s. (This will also save you from having to decipher my handwriting!). Thank you.

This week:

  1. Just a reminder: Memoir Essays are due on Monday, Feb. 3 by 5:00. I will be posting these on the “Workshops” page as soon as I receive them along with the reading assignments. (This will make more sense soon).
  2. Read carefully the process outlined under “Workshops.” I will be posting your peer review assignments right next to the essay posts on that page. Your Peer Reviews should be posted to Slack by Feb. 11.
  3. Read Legler’s “”Moments of Being: An Antarctic Quintet,” pp. 283-291
  4. Response #3 –  Due Feb. 4
  5. Read Chapter 4
  6. Exercise #3 – Due Feb. 6  


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