Week 2, January 20-24

Hey Everyone – The course schedule is now up, and you can find it under Resources, or at this link: schedule.

Here are the assignments for week 2:

  • Read Chapter 2 in  Writing True
  • Read Alice Walker’s “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self.” (Page 169,  Writing True).
  • Reading Response #1 – Please read prompt under “Reading Response #1” (found in the menu under “Assignments” and “Reading Responses”). To post your response, simply click on “comments” at the bottom of the page. Due Tuesday, Jan. 21 by 5:00 PM
  • Exercise #2 – You will find this under “Creative Nonfiction Exercises,” also under the “Assignments” menu. Due Thursday, Jan. 23 by 5:00 PM by email.
  • I’ve posted a short piece about journaling here:   Please feel free to read and comment. This is a re-post from a prior blog I wrote a couple years ago, but pertinent to your Chapter 2 reading, I think.
  • Finally, it’s worth reviewing the Memoir Assignment. Hopefully this week’s exercise will get you started on it. Keep this in mind as you begin Exercise #2.Thanks for all your work in the class so far!

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Katherine Keith


Alice Walker’s essay, “Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self,” is a thought provoking and reflective essay memoir.Internal and external beauty, self-worth, and acceptance are the transformative defining themes in Alice Walker’s young life, at least as is portrayed in her memoir essay. Pondering my life, following a similar time period, I would consider security to be the theme rather than beauty. Beginning early on knowing that as a child you have a place in the family, then as family dynamics change, in the family of her mom, then in that of her father, and so on as it changes throughout family transformations. My naivete was lost like Alice Walkers, leaving me to reconcile this as I matured.
Moments that I was drawn to include:
– The juxtaposition of Alice being a tomboy which doesn’t associate with traditional beauty,
– I found her inclusion of beating the cat interesting as, personally, I would have excluded such a horrifying revelation.
– I wonder If she ‘raised her head’ with the ‘glob’-would she have made friends throughout school?
– In the end, I love how her daughter made the pain go away as she asked, “Mommy where did you get that world in your eye?
Stylistically, I appreciated the markers in A. Walker’s writing. It was sequential and easy to follow. Near the end, the three remembrances then wrapped the entire text in deeper perspective and adding substantial meaning.

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